Whether you have a rapidly developing situation, like civil unrest or a natural disaster, or you need to increase your security in preparation for an upcoming event, such as Black Friday for the Retail Industry, you will find us qualified and ready to respond. As seasoned professionals, we become part of your team for the duration of the assignment. Our state-of-the-art command center is staffed with experienced security managers, who monitor the needs of our clients and security teams, and are able to respond immediately to the changing situation at hand.

Our security officers are prepared for a wide range of situations and challenges, with industry-specific scenarios. Cambridge Security’s rapid deployment ability is an advantage that no forward-thinking asset protection executive should be without!



We offer security services to the entire nation!
An Emergency Security Guard is a trained and skilled professional you employ to patrol your building/site to detect fire hazards and more. Emergency security guards work in shifts to protect the premises 24/7. They track the places you want to protect and respond quickly in the event of a fire by alerting the fire department.
There are many conditions that can cause a fire outbreak including hurricanes, natural disasters, defective equipment, misuse of equipment, as well as faulty wiring. Unfortunately, the main cause of fires is often lack of care as well as arson (to set a fire on purpose). Our fire watch guards work to locate and remove possible hazards.

We will:

  • Track the building and/or facility
  • Patrol the premises on a daily basis (every 15 minutes or an hour)
  • Look for on-site fire hazards that may theoretically increase the likelihood of fire outbreaks.
  • Check if your fire-fighting equipment is in order, including your fire alarm and sprinklers.
  • Keep logs / records of relevant information during each patrol round
  • Work with municipal fire services
  • Contact the fire department in the event of a fire

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